Shuffling civ bonuses/identities to make civs better + other balance changes

  1. Burmese and Dravidians - Interchange their respective infantry bonuses. 20 attack Champs which ignore armor is the perfect foot Leitis. Urumis adjusted accordingly. Burmese already get free DBA and Bow Saw, their drush is already great.

  2. Burmese and Gurjaras - Burmese gain Leather Archer Armor and Gurjaras lose Leather Archer Armor. Burmese struggle vs archer civs, Gurjaras won’t (because SVR). Gurjaras do not use LAA, because they do not have any foot unit to use it on. As a minor re-adjustment, they could get Parthian Tactics, which would overall improve their EAs by 1 pierce armor. Also, Gurjaras have a great ranged unit (Chakram Throwers) which performs the same role as Archer line (anti-infantry).

  3. Gurjaras and Bengalis - I have said this earlier. Gurjaras lose their fishing ship garrison bonus to Bengalis. I don’t feel Gurjaras are a naval civ except for this little bonus which doesn’t help in combat. Better give it to Bengalis who will actually be picked on water maps, and this bonus will see some use.

  4. Koreans - Get Parthian Tactics. War Wagons (standard and Elite) have 0/2 armor. This is a nerf to War Wagon play, which on top of having discount, also have free archer upgrades. This will mostly affect Arena where practically you are behind by 1 armor upgrade unless you get PT. However, this is an overall buff to WW (+1 melee armor, +2 attack vs Spears), but a good buff to Koreans giving them a good mobile option in the Cavalry Archer.

  5. Eagle Scout - this might be controversial since it includes a buff. Dark Age Eagle Scout attack reduced from 4 to 3. Feudal Age Eagle Scout attack increased from 4 to 5 (so they don’t auto-lose to Scout Cavalry). Eagle Scouts do not get freebies upon reaching Castle Age, which means that Feudal Age ES = Castle Age ES. Eagle Warrior upgrade becomes a priority now.

  6. Anti-camel units lose attack bonus vs Ships!? It is one of the legacy attack bonus back when Camels and Ships shared the same armor class.

  7. Elephant Archers (Standard and Elite) +20 Hit Points. So 230 → 250 and 280 → 300.

I also feel Burmese could get Thumb Ring, since Parthian Tactics is otherwise wasted on Burmese. Gaining LAA would make this less useless.

I actually have a long list of bonus swap. Wish I had time to write it here someday!

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