Sicilian dungeons sux

Dungeon rush is too bad, it looses vs a tower with villagers inside. I think the idea of Hera to increase the number of arrows with Serjents in garnison is the best thing to do.

Make serjents to repair the dungeon, or make more dungeons, or make some serjents to attack the enemy tower while the dungeon attacks the tower and prevents vils from repairing it. but ideally it’s better to just make more dungeons. The problem with dungeons is they’re too expensive compared to the tower.

Yeah expansive and weak… Would be ok to make cheaper at feudal age and then more expansive at castle age to avoid too easy spam Sargent from Dungeons.

The Donjon is not supposed to he a rush buildung but a defensive one. No idea why a donjoneush is on the menu when everbody knows since release that it is not a viable strategy

It definitely works much better as a defensive one, i always make 2 when i play Sicilians. Even though it helps my feudal game, it hurts my early castle game because it uses so much stone. Even as a defensive building i think it’s a bit too heavy on stone.

Then make it cheaper and weaker
But then again, why would you train Serjeants from it, to defend your base? Is the Serjeant a defensive unit?

It’s not even a very good defensive building. Hera even recommended that it’s a great strategy to tower rush against a Sicilian player because Donjons are more expensive than towers, so the tower rushing player can make more towers and cover more ground than the defending Donjon player. Donjons are also easier for villagers or units to surround and attack, because they have a bigger hitbox