Sicilians, what are thety good at?

Personally, when lotw came out i liked burgunians but after a while i started to play almost all of my matches with Sicilians because i am a player who likes to go for cavalry and continues with it the whole game (even engaging against big numbers of pikes without taking into consideration cost-efficient trades) also my eco is almoast every time 10 lumberjacks which help bc you dont have to resed farms as often with sicilians. The first crusade UT is awesome bc it gives you an army to kill ur enemies pikes and cav. I dont see sicilians beeing played at high levels and i understand that it is due to the unussual playstile of the sicilians but i want to hear ur tthoughts about them

I like them in team games. Serjeants are very good at demolishing bases in post-imp. With their high pierce armor, they don’t take that much dmg from buildings, and they can force cav archer civs to tech into something else, because it takes a long time to kill a mass of Serjeants with just cav archers.

They’re also very good against Goth in a post-imp situation, because the Serjeants have much better stats than Huskarls.

In 1v1 open maps, they suffer from not having anything going for them in the early game. While the farm eco bonus is amazing, it takes a long time for it to take any effect.

Nearly forgot my favourite: Islands/Team Islands. You can pretty much guarantee yourself a landing on the opponent’s island with the Sicilian TB

Serjeants are good at quick building 3-5 towers in the middle of the battlefield and then just spamming a continual stream of soldiers from them

Sicilians have more than one thing they excel in. But their initially bad eco plus underwhealmig lines makes it hard to execute the strats.

What are they good at:
A) Booming. Sicilians are one of the best booming civs in the game. They can’t compete with indians, but they are better than teutons. They have 2 bonusses helping them out: better farms and faster building tcs. Sicilians can build a TC with only 2 workers and finish it faster than other civs with 5. Saving a lot of walking + builiding time
B) Castle drops. You can try to make a sneaky drop with them cause your castles go up so fast, the enemy can’t react if he doesn’t spot it early
C) Donjon rush. Was OP with the first crusade before the nerf, now it looks a bit underwhealming. But the potential is still there. Imp donjons slowly melt enemy bases and he can’t really ram them down bec of the serjeants.
D) First crusade. Nice little powerspike after the boom. Can possibly used defencively besides I never saw that before.
E) Resistant scout + knight rushes. They are nice, but sicilians have no eco behind it to compete with the enemy core army.
F) lategame raids. Maybe the best things of sic. Besides they don’t get hussar, their lategame light cav is one of the best raiding units in the game, cause you don’t lose them as fast vs halbs.

Their bggest weakness is the early eco, they have basically nothing helping them until they reach castle age cause the later expiring farms don’t come into play until that.

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They’re pretty good at losing 1v1 Arabia matches.


1v1, their strongest option is all in scouts by far IMO. You can add spears, but your opponent can’t because they die to your scouts. Bloodlines+forging and armor scouts that kill literally every feudal age unit including counters?

It doesn’t always work, because some can wall it out, but when it does it’s very, very good.

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spears are still a reasonable counter to it. You shouldn’t engage spears with scouts as sicilians. But the sic knights actually can trade quite good with spears.

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They are really good at being very bad on imperial and late game.

Sicilian Scouts kill Spearmen in 1v1. In larger battles this snowballs hard.

Do you get bloodlines initially for a scout rush?
Ant still even with bloodlines they are pretty evenly matched, but spears cost only 60 compared to 80 Food. It’s more reasonable to compare them in 1 scout vs 1.5 spears because food is so much more valueble at that time.

It’s cheaper still, yes, but if I get Sicilians I really want to use that bonus, so I’ll typically pick up bloodlines, attack, and armor. I’ll drop a tower to break walls if I have to.

Mobility is better than saving 20 res+some food, every time, IMO. I’d rather have a scout than a spear, those spears are pretty useless other than defending against the rush.

I just wanted to show, that it is not a good engagement. Of course you could engage like 3 spears with 5 sic scouts, but I wouldn’t do it before.
And bloodlines is really expensive to get that early, you lose a lot of momentum you would usually get from the scout rush.
I just wanted to clarify this, sic scouts don’t counter spears, not by any means. They just take far less damage from them. It would be misleading to advertise this in this forum, you can easily throw a game with thiking sic scouts should engage spears.

I mean, if you force your opponent to make 5 spears to fight 5 scouts that are in your base; that’s automatically a win. The amount of idle time you force by their presence alone is massive. Plus villager kills you’ll undoubtedly get with 5 scouts in a base. You don’t get bloodlines before making 3-5 scouts, either; it’s after you get your eco setup and hopefully can continue the push.

It’s the equivalent of Knights vs Pikes. No, you don’t want to fight. But you CAN, and you’ll win. In this case, the Knights only cost 80 food. I’ll take that any day.

The tc thing is a very mediocre bonus. 5 vills for other civs build tc in a little more than 1 min. Work rate is approx 24 wood or 21 food/min, so its like 60-70 extra resources per tc x 2/3 tcs. Its better to build with 5 vills with Sicilians and get 2 vill lead. That will give you about 400 more resources by the time u click upto imp. Compared to many civs like Malay, Khmer, Slavs, Celts, Indians, Vikings, Britons, Chinese, Aztecs, this is still very little.
Sicilian farm bonus helps u save wood after 12 mins from the time the farms are built, but Teutons bonus helps u build so many more farms quickly. That’s a more powerful bonus.

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These might be good at an elo where people tend to play Goths a lot. But against most meta civs or even mid tier civs, Sicilian player would be far behind.

Funnily enough serjeants are worse than the Sicilian champion to fight Goths just because they are so expensive.

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