Sicilians with Camels?

Because Sicily is home of diverse cultures (Byzantine, Latin, Norman, and Arab), I think they should also have Camels in the tech tree to reflect the Arab rule in Sicily.

In the campaign, Camels were enabled by triggers, but does anyone want the Sicilians to have Camels in the technology tree naturally?

It seems to be more sensible for Sicilians with Condottiero.

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Giving them Camel Riders without the Heavy Camel Rider upgrade, similar to Cumans, could give them more flexibility in midgame without giving them a too strong Camel unit in the lategame.
They do receive less bonus damage after all and Sicilians also have all cavalry upgrades.

Condottieri armies were used in north italy.Naples sicily did not use them.

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I was VERY confused when they were released without Camels. Kinda seemed like the point of the civ being flexible and multi-culture, and also being a reference to how they did use them alongside horses.

Just because a civilization or region had a muslim influence doesn’t mean that it has to have camels unless you can bring proof that they actually used them or breed them in sicily, which I don’t believe it’s the case.

As for a balance prospettive, what would camels bring to the civ? Just a unit that take a bit less damage from pike?

Let’s fix other aspects of the civ instead…


Suppose you were I, and we want this civilization to stand out as multicultural, what tweaks would you bring?

Multiculturalism is hard to represent in a game when every unit is the same, but it’s not a soldier wearing a turban with scimitar and a camel that will achieve that.

In my opinion, the multiculturalism of the civ is well represented in the campaign of the civ, and in the multiplier, you still get a bit of that with the unique looking of their buildings and units, even if that doesn’t scream for the muslim influence, but neither for the greek or lombard influence for what it matters.

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I feel like they miss food archers the most. Sicily and normale kindgom used great archers from the saracens that occupied the Island before the normans.
I think that sicilians would benefit more from Better Archers than just camel riders

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While certainly there were no tradition of warfare camelry in sicily, that’s certainly a good way to represent their arab and berber influence.
And I know, camels are animas linked to a region and climate, not to a culture, but in everyone’s head a camel rider is a direct nod to MENA cultures.
They don’t need heavy camel. Just the standard ones.

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A new UU that is archer and cost food to train. 11

I personally don’t like their too generalized military bonus of taking less damage. This is not that strong out side of cavalry and still takes the possibility of others civ having the bonus for archer or infantry. This bonus should be revert to 50% but limited to cavalry. And then Serjeant cost reduced by 5 food, 5 gold.

He said foot archers?

Plz no hauberk for cavalier then. Sicilians was introduced as an infantry civ at the very beginning and then added hauberk and changed to infantry and cavalry civ, which is too bizarre.


I’m just joking.

It is already a new UT that replaced “Scutage” . It can be nerfed to +1/+1 armor.

Honestly sicilians now should have either bonus redictiob reverted or hauberk cost rediction. After hauberk cost Nerf che damage rediction Nerf was uncalled for and now the civ is trash having basically no good options

At most, 50% resistance for strong scout rush with +1/+1 for hauberk can be acceptable. But can the UT buff serjeant instead of cav? Like allowing serjeant to generate a bit of stone while taking dmg /attacking to build more donjons. Buff for their cavalier is also uncalled for. I like the original civ design but it has changed too much.

Why would anyone use camels in a non-desert European environment? The only reason camels make sense to use in Arabia is because they are far more resistant to dehydration than horses and can last longer without access to water and even then Arab armies still used horses.

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