Sick of the Spanish

Enough…Nerf the building bonus.


Care to explain why?


Somebody got castle dropped 11


Like I said on your Nerf Franks post, if it’s that overpowered, prove it by picking Spanish and doing the same thing every game. If doing this doesn’t improve your ELO, it’s not a Spanish problem, it’s a skill issue.

You don’t think i know I stink. No improvement for awhile. Watch videos, watch pros, play games. This game highlights all my mental weaknesses in real life and yet I still play and think I will be somewhat good.

The most important piece missing here is re-watching your own games, especially your losses. Do you have CaptureAge installed?

I watch my games with Capture Age yes

Ok that’s good. Are you good at identifying your mistakes and trying to fix them in your next games?