Siege Ballista. Which new or old civ could have it in its lineup?

We got the Scorpion.

But let’s say we get a Siege Ballista. A siege weapon capable of doing extra damage against buildings.

In my head it’s part of the line-up of a future Swiss civ, maybe part of their Feudal age but with slower production along Siege Rams. It would have a bonus against towers, walls and housing used as a barrier.

Perhaps an upgrade could help them knock down Teuton castles as the Swiss were a nightmare for the armies of the Habsburgs.

Maybe enable it as a mercenary unit during Castle to ally civs for their Siege Workshops.

Tho’ the Swiss wouldn’t be the first utilize it. The Ballista has been used by ancient civilizations during battles.

Perhaps a scorpion bonus against buildings could be a better idea.

Any thoughts?

This might be a good concept for a third upgrade to the scorpion.Not sure if swiss are the civi for it tho.

Yeah, it’s generic. Tho’ it might be an anti-Tower type of unit for feudal.

Swiss are different beast thematically. Perhaps a mix of Goths, Teutons and Burgundians.

Siege Ballista sunds werid…
We also already have 4 units in imp that are good for Sieges, all are better suited than scorps.
If I would change something about Scorps I would give them bonus vs cavalry (and also give them ballistics so they can actually hit them).
I potentially would even change the piercing bolts to single-target shots in the process.

Towers in feudal are designed to stop all kind of exzessive agression, pretty much like castles in castle age. It’s kind of a rubber-band mechanic, forcing the opponent to go to the next age to kill you from there. They are quite an investment though and open a lot of strategic counterplay potential. Like just going up, taking map control with cavalry and booming behind. This forces the opponent to transition into military before he can expand his eco.

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An 3rd upgrade for the balista which changes the nature of the unit sounds intriguing. I’d implement the ‘siege balista’ as a unit which has +50 bonus damage vs buildings, a bit more hp & PA, perhaps more range.

The concept doesn’t fit with any civs we have I don’t think. But could be cool for a new civ.

It could be cool if one civ gets a ‘siege balista’ upgrade and another civ gets a ‘super heavy scorpion’ upgrade, which results in a very different specialization.

I’d prefer bonus vs cavalry

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