Siege experience

Since it’s being discussed here I would like to give my opinion about sieges:
Sieges in my opinion need to behave like sieges and not being so mobile like they currently are, unpacking and packing are too fast and their packed speed is crazy. Another thing that i would argue too but apparently it’s not too popular here is that in my opinion cannons melt too fast defensive builds such keeps , feels like with 3 cannons you are already able to blitzkrieg a base . I miss the potencial of roach of aoe2 where you are able to reallocate the eco to try to survive longer, which makes games last longer but adds a macro importance (you need to build like crazy) and makes comebacks more possible, I miss the siege battles too like treb wars which would be even cooler with cannons but the springalds literally denies this possibility and the fact that you can melt a defensive building makes ,on a defender perspective, not having time to destroy the enemies siege ,unless you have springalds (that are able to delete sieges on a crazy range) and on the attacker perspective an unreasonable decision to focus the enemy siege unless the defender have springalds, which in this case you would need to get rid of those. That being said the only way to hold a position is or to win the springald war or engage and win the battle , but engaging usually is never a possibility since you are probably defending to gain time otherwise you would be attacking. So you are left with the the springald spam which don’t get me wrong it’s pretty good to defend a position but kills the beauty of the siege.

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