Siege is so broken

Siege in this game is so broken late game. Like seriously.
It ends up being who has more bombards than the other opponent.
A group of 10 bombards + infantry screening is literally untouchable with a constant stream of reinforcement. No matter what you bring to the table, nothing can get through.

What’s more ridiculous is the population cost of each siege. All sieges are worth 3 pop. This needs to be fixed ASAP. A springald as a counter to siege, should be far less than the pop of a bombard to make the game more balanced. Bombards and other canons should have have a minimum of 5 pops.

Let alone infantry/cav doing ■■■■ all damage to siege. They need to incorporate what they did in aoe3. infantry/cav should do way more damage to neutralise siege.

What’s even more broken is that the French & Chinese have significant siege HP boosts. Man… seriously once a game hits late game, unless the player is dumb, those that play french or chinese have the utmost advantage with their siege…

The dev team needs to address this issue because unfortunately, i will no longer play this game until it’s fixed.


You seem to be lost, the AOE 4 pub is actually on this corner


pot, meet kettle :joy: :rofl:


cries in aoe4

Now seriously , your siege isnt that powerfull , compared to the aoe4 siege

He IS talking about AoE4 siege…


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I think normal siege is fine. But the neverdying clocktower bomards with repairing villagers following… So frustrating. Especially if you don’t have culverins. But buying 3 culverins is too expensive for only a specific counter unit.

Siege is fine right now.
It has recieved a ton of nerfs lately and since the mangonel nerf the game has moved a lot more far away from the siege meta but it came at the cost of making the unit almost useless and people making masses of ranged infantry!
People need to start learning to play against siege instead of complaining about it. There are plenty of options for counterplay and cav does do a lot of damage against siege as long as people dont just charge them head on into spearman or crossbowman.
If bombards and canons get nerfed it will just lead to people rushing for wonders and/or spamming walls qnd keeps around the map.


Yes bombards are overpowered. I now rarely build stone walls event though I like it very much to build a castle and place my army on it.

It is just not worth. The bombards shoot the stone walls away like nothing.

10 cannons + continuous meatshield is something you do to finish a game vs someone who’s unbelievably behind but for some reason refuse to leave the game, otherwise it’s a meme. Losing to someone finishing you off doesn’t mean that the finishing move is OP broken, it means that you should’ve gg’d ~10 minutes prior.

Your experience is, in my opinion, due to an illusion created by not playing aggressively or greedily enough, obfuscating your feedback points to a degree where it’s easy to to attribute your losses to what’s observable during the final moments, when what truly cost the game were opportunities missed somewhere else on the map, or several minutes prior.

Btw, french don’t have siege hp advantage, and their cannons have less hp than bombards.
p.s. Balance whining is the #1 early warning sign of skill stagnation.


As they should. The guy above me makes a good point. Particularly chinese players are the most toxic by refusing to resign. Just keep building those walls up and delaying. Thank god we have something to destroy walls quick. But siege should be killable even with vils repairing, particularly chinese clocktower bombards are a problem. If 10 cav units are attacking one bombard, it really should die…

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For stone walls to be of any use, they must be built very early. Later in the game, there is no point in building them, because they are too easily destroyed. So you have to let villagers mine stone early, which means you reach the new age slower and have fewer units. The opponent who doesn’t build walls then enters the Imperial Age earlier and knocks the walls down in 2 to 3 seconds with bombards. Even the counter unit cavalry dies much too fast against bombards. Tribuchets are fine because they are only strong against buildings, but Bombards are way too strong against both. Too bad that one of the few new features in AOE4 to put units on walls with such weak walls and overpowered bombards no longer makes sense.

I mean, it’s the Imperial Age and each bombard costs like 1000 resources each. If you want to make the games non-ending troops battles then you are right.

Otherwise I don’t see what’s the problem with a high-cost-benefit unit.

Siege already got multiple nerfs and they really aren’t broken unless you let your opponent hide to max out on bombards. Even then, they aren’t particularly that stunning when you can just flood them with cheap trash like scouts while sniping them with springalds/culverin.