Siege meta further entrenched

Horsemen were nerfed, xbows buffed vs knights and M@A. Mangonel and Nest of Bees were buffed and no springlold nerf. So cavalry is going to have a harder time vs a big mass of xbows which xbows in turn are countered hard by mangonels/nest of bees that were just buffed. Its just going to be another springald fest and some mangonels again.


I agreee, too much siege in these games. This should be a game where you get some siege to help you army. Not mass it and have some army to protect your mass of siege.


i have to admite i like the mango buff, the larger area of effect and higher fire rate, mean that IF you can reach castle age, it makes it much easier to fight english long bows

on top of the buff to the towers, that extra range makes a world of a difference since now LBs cant just sit outside range and snipe vils.

and at least the bees were buffed, previously they were simply a worse version of a mango, now i think they need to be reanalysed

i would have liked to see a nerf to springs though, and this nerf to horsemen makes absolutely no sense, along with the change to HRE tech.

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But why was the mangonel buffed? It wasn’t in a bad spot, the problem were the springalds they are broken and everyone was massing them, if the springalds werent that useful mangonels would be really helpful. As you said, this game is becoming more of an artillery war plus xbows rather than medieval warfare.

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Keep in mind most of these balance changes are from the closed beta, since they were not able to make balance changes before going gold.

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All seige needs a nerf and less seige on field game is not fun at all needs to be address.

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The game is Age of Sieges 4

Siege that melt armies (10 or 15 mangonels beats everything but spingards… Unless they are close or are less in number)
And siege makes defense structures, like walls and keeps, useless.

And they buffe siege Hahaha. Absolutely absurd


Tbh it’s annoying that high elo AOE4 has significant amounts of castle/imp scouts being created as a counter to siege.