Siege Meta should be addressed

Yes, I’m aware that Springalds will be getting nerfed next week. But its just a symptom of the problem and the game is looking more like WW1. Mangonels were just buffed and late game, 6 mangonels + imp tech just annihilates armies. Chinese bombards is also too strong.

My suggestions:
-Springald nerf (but this is already confirmed)
-Revert mangonel buff. No reason they needed to fire faster and have more AoE. They were already strong units. This would also make ribauldequins a bit more attractive.
-Chinese Astronomical Tower siege bonus HP reduced from 50% to 25%. This makes Chinese bombards be able to tank less shots from springalds/culverin
-Pyrotechnics range bonus reduced from 20% to 10%. This makes Chinese bombards have less range than generic imp springalds and culverins.
-Infantry building siege weapons from Abbasids and Mongols should take as long as a ram.

Right now teamgames revolve around M@A, Mangonels and Springalds. When you reach Imp, you go supervise as China and spam out bombards and its GG. Chinese just got big buffs this update. Some of their late game dominance have to be toned down.

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