Siege shooting thru gates

My question is:
Should siege like springalds be able to shoot thru wall gates.
At least I think that siege should not be able to shoot thru gates, no matter if those are enemy gates or your own gates. Feels very wrong.

Good question, the answer should be: “It should depend on the type of projectile and the type of gate.”

Some gate are only a herse, allowing arrow bolt and balista projectile to pass 2/3 of the time. Also catapult spread projectile also cross it, but not the bolder.

Some gate got a wooden door or a iron door, not allowing projectile to pass, unless itis broken.

Maybe they, the game developper, can make a game mecanic out of it, for some civilisation, enven allowing some archer to open a litle trop door in the gate, and fire arrows.

I can agree on making it wall depend, like maybe mangonals being able to shoot over palisades but not stones walls (only trebuchets being able to shoot over stone walls), but I feel like canons or springalds should not be able to shoot thru walls at all. Just wanted to bring this to attention since I am unsure if this is working as intended or just a behavior which is a bug which slipt thru


yea seems pretty weird to me when springalds just shoot thru walls, i dont like it.

This sounds too cute. I want it!

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I just treat gates as gunports or arrowslits. Originally your siege can’t shoot through walls, you spend 50 stones to build a gunport on it, now it can shoot through, seems like a fair investment to me.