Siege Tower and Houfnice upgrade occupy the same hotkey

I was playing Bohemians today and wanted to use the hotkey (default is F) to queue up the Houfnice upgrade. However, I noticed that it was queueing up Siege Towers instead, which is obviously not what I wanted. I thought I just got the hotkey wrong, but I saw what the hotkey was and pressed it. Siege Towers again. I then checked the Siege Tower and discovered, to my horror, that they occupy the same hotkey by default.

This is obviously a huge problem for people who play with default hotkeys, as the normal hotkey doesn’t even default to the Houfnice upgrade, which is obviously way more useful than the Siege Tower.

But, can’t you change it? I remember in Warcraft 3, Mirmidon Attack-move hotkey overlaped with Ensare hotkey but you couldn’'t change it


I can, yes, but the point is, I shouldn’t have to to begin with.