Siege Towers Fixes: Gate-like staircase, 1 pop, garrison 16+, arrow

(1) Simplest fix is have it not need to roll away from the wall to reload men. Have it become fixed to the wall like a staircase (like a backwards gate) so you could click on 40 of your units (on ground) and right click on the top of the wall and they just path-find their way through your siege tower to the top (like they would with a backwards gate. It would not be OP because it is made of paper. (2) Make it 1 pop like ram and not 3 which does not make any sense. (3) At least be able to garrison 16 if not 32 guys? (4) and shooting 1 arrow like everyone says makes sense. It is an outpost on wheels anyway.


You need to make these into one post, it’s really just spam now. You’ve made 14 posts in the last 2 hours, that’s way too much. Make one, and condense all your stuff into it.


Ok, but the site said somewhere to use a separate entry for each issue. Is it okay then to have one entry with a list of unrelated bugs and feedback? Thanks.

Depends. Bug reports should each be their own thread, but it should be of the Bug Report type, not the Discussion type. I would put the general suggestions under a single thread called “Suggestions to improve the game” or something like that. You could also space them over several days as well.

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I didn’t see this thread!! I suggested

Takes 120s to build a siege tower
Cost 300w
1 pop
Same speed same hp and same range resist.
It attaches to the wall and provides a pathway up AND down BOTH sides of the enemy wall. WITHOUT having to garrison and ungarrison your units. You can just click your infantry onto the wall or directly to the other side and your units will properly path.
Next ENEMY CANNOT use your tower to climb and or traverse walls. This will force enemies to make gates or risk having a wall they can’t delete negatively impacting them!!!

For the purpose of counterplay the siege tower will also take 3 sec to latch onto a wall and likewise 3s to unlatch from a wall.

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Oops. Apparently it is only 1 pop. // Another thought is rams and ST, can they be available in siege workshop?..