Siege towers need a little more maybe?

Siege towers, when i used was, of course, to put your infantry to fight over a wall… still… after i got the kills, i couldn´t open the gates. This made my struggle pointless. If you have a way to open the gates, after using a siege tower (allowing to unlock, if one is 10 tiles close or something) could make them usefull. The way they are, don´t seem to make sense to be in the final game.


I agree a function like that would be nice. But even if not that, the units they release onto an opponents wall need to have more mobility. I don’t know if it was a glitch or something but when I was playing the Russian campaign and trying to take the city of Novogorod I unloaded a bunch of musketeers and man at arms onto the wall and they could literally move nowhere else but on that one patch or tile of wall unless it was broken for them to walk down. Otherwise they were stuck! Is this is a glitch I experienced or is this actually how they’re supposed to be used?