Siege units that needs setup should spend an attack cycle loading up the ammo after setup before they can fire

This is an idea of mine that can nerf late game bombards with changing the gameplay much:

For the siege units that needs to be setup before they can fire, they should spend a cooldown cycle after they’re setup before they can fire.

For example, the bombard needs to spend 5.25 seconds loading up the ammo after setup before they can fire. This makes them feel like proper siege weapons instead of something that can hit and run.

On top of that, the current behavior makes no sense. A bombard needs to spend 5.25 seconds readying the next shot after firing, which is much longer than the time it takes to set it up. This allows players to fire the bombards, retreat and reload at the same time, then fire it again without spending much time stationary.

If the developers want to keep the current setup and teardown time of siege weapons, this change could make them more balanced while still having the mobility, since they can be pulled back without firing when loading up the ammo.


Sorry but speedy bombards are part of the problem

Do you know how fast realistically it took to set up a late medieval period bombard? I don’t either but it looks complicated and I’d assume at least 30-50 mins.

Obviously we can’t do the full time in game but you get my point, bombards shouldn’t set up and pack up and move so quickly, and they shouldn’t roll so quickly when packed either!

Also this doesn’t address that bombards have way too much health, and that they outrange or match range of anti siege, which should out range the things they’re supposed to kill.

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I do agree siege units need more nerf than suggested in this post and I did wrote that siege units needs to have longer setup/teardown time and Chinese bombards need to be hard countered by culverin in another post of mine. This post serves as an alternative solution if the developers don’t want siege units to lose that much mobility (maybe they think that will make the game less fun).


I was thinking they could add “carts/wagons”
Nerf move speed but add a transport, one cannon or two springalds per wagon, or move MAA across map more efficiently in game, the wagons could be produced at siege workshop or town center for 50f/50w, the real cost to the player would be pop-cap. The carts could be really flimsy(easy to kill) so load/unload would have to take place outside combat

I do like the idea of reloading (loading) after setting up, or at least not reloading while on the move, just doesn’t make sense, reloading while under attack, moving the cannon while defending against melee attack seems highly unrealistic