Siege weapons in this game need changes

  • Ram is too fast, be able to keep up with infantry and dodge in and out of combat with ram is very weird. It also removes any kind of tactic in using it. Actually, all siege weapons are too fast.
  • No friendly fire, no tactic, no formation,… you can let your mangonel fire on top of your own army and wipe out your enemies no problem. Why did you do this Relict, just why?
  • Mangonel minimum range is too small, they can practically shoot at their own feet. And the projectile go 60 degrees on the air too.
  • Siege weapons pack up too fast, you barely have any time to reach them. So why have packing animation at all when they just pop in and out in a heartbeat?
  • Siege projectile also homing to target like guided missiles. Very weird.
  • Am I the only one who think that castle in this game is very weak? Without any kind of technology to improve their armor or health they only take a few shots from a trebuchet to be put down. Not to mention you can get trebuchets in castle age now. Actually, there are a lack of upgrades for any buildings in this game. In imperial age, one or two cannons can remove any building in an instant.
  • Can you cut through a forest in this game? Late game black forest in this game is all about seige since army have no way to maneuver in such small path.