Siege without crews and abandonment

I want this so bad that i hope devs can add later, also i wonder why they did not add drop up sieges like in COH when they kill your mortar o a tank it would be very funny to take nest of bees with another civs for example.


i was a beta tester , do you want to hear my opinion about siege crew? it simply doesnt match , i mean trebuchets or siege armys are HUGE AS â– â– â– â–  , putting siege crew would be a disaster and a stupid thing , it would be also really distractintg , i like to see how the trebuchet fires and destroy the enemy wall , not seeing usseless siege operators charging the trebuchet.

So in conclusion :

siege crew = distraction , usseles and only a waste of time , ocuping space and breaking the great and shiny readibility that aoe4 has.

no siege crew = not distraction , clean , it works and it looks well while playing , not breaking the readibility and its fun.

Now listen , i know that many of you wants siege crew , probably more than the 45% of the comunity but… you just dont know what are you doing… i am an aoe3 active player and honestly siege crew is … usseless :confused: , but you know what? to make everyone happy they could make a dlc , called for example : More content edition . and it could add blood and siege cre if you guys want , or maybe an option to toggle that on.


should crew fight? or not?
should onager be destroyed if crew is ded.

First of all, you are near the edge of breaching the NDA. Secondly, agree to disagree. Manned siege would be an amazing addition and even in the recent YouTube trailers for trebuchets and nest of bees people are saying that sentient siege units look weird.

Have you played Company of Heroes? Siege units (anti-tank, mortars, etc.) are manned by 2 or 3 soldiers. You can either destroy the siege unit or kill the operators and hijack the artillery unit.

Can you imagine how cool it’d be for pikemen, archers, etc. to take control of an enemy mangonel or trebuchet? It would eliminate the need for monks to “convert” siege, which has been a longstanding AoE meme.

The code is there since CoH was made by the very same developer working on AoE IV.


in aoe3 has it and it works well, and I understand your point and agree with that but also devs could make a siege crews in the siege workshop if my 2nd point could be implemented if want to make a mix of aoe and coh but they reserved it and they dont want to try that kind of strategy.


we dont breach NDA because you can see siege units in the videos and that we all talking about.


As soon as someone says “I was a beta tester” as part of them stating their opinion, they breach the NDA because they’re implying something in the beta has some relevance to their opinion, even if the thing their opinion is about is seen in a public trailer.


No, it’s fine as AOE-3 does where the operators are just a visual detail.


After playing the game he still doesn’t think crew is needed, that’s the only relevance of him being a beta tester. After seeing what we’ve all seen in public video in actual game play he likes it. I don’t see how that’s breaking the NDA. He hasn’t revealed anything about the game that was found in the beta. They literally just released videos showing siege weapons and how they lack crews and how they look.

They already have holographic human silhouettes when you set them up, I think it’s more than enough as games are mostly about abstraction.


This has been said but there is enough holographic stuff, it looks worse than nothing. it says yes we should have done this, but we gave you golden lights… which the game has enough of… they might have taken the term “mongol golden horde” a little too literal. Which is nothing like what AOE2 has so for all those saying needs to be like AOE 2 all the flashy stuff is way more distracting.

Crew would add so much, and takes away nothing. It just makes the game look lazily made to have them absent. I won’t even consider buying it, I may watch streams but will stick to AOE3, they just paid attention to every detail there. Even the way they die, is real, units fly backwards, the wheels fall off, parts explode, etc! All I have seen in AOE4 is exploding bits of sticks for everything.


That’s the part that breaks the NDA. It’s probably fine since he’s not sharing too much and I doubt microsoft is going to send lawyers after him or anything, but you’re really not supposed to share your opinion about anything you experienced in game.


exactly, even though these arguments likely do not matter much and the decision to include them is either been made and secretly going to be rolled out just before, or its not… but in an argument to say that is to say our opinions matter less because of his insider information, and sure is it needed? NO, but it would make it so much better, like hundreds of other aesthetic things they included to make the game visually stunning. But it just seems lacking, like a painting that looks good from afar, but when you get all close pick it apart.

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I like siege weapons what they are and I like golden crew man. I like game art style.:slight_smile:


and what did i say? people just dont know what they are wanting… when you are playng it doesnt makes sense!

It doesn’t look consistent. I don’t care if it’s useless or not.

The rest of the game has more or less realistic animations but when it comes to siege, I see a cannon walking like it can think on its own.

Units speaking and talking is also useless. But it’s there to include auditory immersion. I am all for it, but some can complain that it’s distracting.

In the end, the game is quite expensive, and I’d prefer a toggle between siege crew or no siege crew so that you decide which is better for you.


That is true actually, but the voices of the characters are important in this game… don’t want to say more because NDA.

I know that it just doesn’t seems good on videos but when playing you just forget about that , that is what I’m saying haha

The lack of crew in siege/artillery weapons is frustrating. In AOEIII there was crew and IT WAS NEVER a problem. There’s no point in the AOEIV not having a crew.

I hope the developers put the laziness aside and soon add the crew, it’s something that’s not hard to do. The bee nest moving alone looks like a futuristic toy, lol.


I was in the beta and I played it. And no, I don’t really play that intensely that I’ll stop noticing it.

It kept bugging me so much that I stopped creating siege units after a point lol.

Who needs them when buildings get destroyed pretty quickly anyway?


Personally, I think the golden holograms of the crew and artstyle are great. I think once the game releases people will stop nitpicking about things like “having a crew” and will start caring about things that actually alter/balance the gameplay.