Siege Workshop and Battering Ram in Feudal Age to everyone

This would solve nearly everything with walling being too strong and drush FC being almost the only strategy even on Arabia

would it really tho? You need blacksmith, then the siege workshop and the ram. Such a huge investment that might come to late vs a good dr fc with an uptime of around 17 min. Or if enemy realizes he can just defend in feudal and you invested a lot that wont get anything done.

Not convinced.


There was a suggestion a few weeks ago of a week ram trained from the barracks in feudal. I like this answer better, as it’s not as much of an investment, and makes sense to have weaker technology in the feudal age.

Basically it’s a 75 HP unit, speed .9, armored like a loomed vil, low base attack but high bonus damage against palisade and houses. Cost ~ 50 wood 20 gold. Visually it looks like 2 male villagers carrying a log. Available to all civs from the barracks in feudal age.

This would easily be countered by a few enemy scouts or archers, but forcing them to either build those units throws off the FC strat. Strategically a player would always pair them with scouts or archers.

I feel like this breaks down the wall meta, while still not making walls unviable. It might change meta to drush, wall, defensive archers, fc. But that’s still a slower progression that can be punished, so it becomes more situational.

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ya i caught that and to me it could be a decent addition. Would need so figure out cost and stats but it would be an easy addition to break walls early without ridicoulus investment and still die if enemy actually makes units. So very good against dr fc.

Empire Earth had such a unit called “samson”. Not that it was ever used in competitive play, but also empire earth didnt have palisade walls :smiley:

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Yeah you’d definitely need to tweak stats a bit, make sure to get the balance right. But to me it seemed like a easy to balance change that makes the game a little more aggressive without breaking everything haha.

I like the idea of Samson breaking down walls :joy:

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Another idea brought up in a different thread is to make sappers available in feudal age out of the town center. That would allow a player to break down walls faster with villagers.

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Same as current cost? 400 food 200 gold is a ton in feudal age that’s just 400 food less then Castle age itself, no way that changes the current meta since you wouldnt be able to afford it till late feudal when they’re almost up anyway, plus then you have to send villagers forward just to get through a wall. Not to mention training time in a TC is super valuable.

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The sappers cost would need to come down. But, I think that’s okay given the current lack of use of sappers indicates a need to buff it (by cost reduction).

I like the idea that there is a tradeoff between adding villagers vs preparing to attack an opponent’s walls.


So if I’m looking at it right villagers have 3 base attack (+6 against stone defenses), with sappers (+15) they would upgrade to 18 against building, 21 against stone defense. For comparison a Castle age full upgrade long swordsman with arson only has 13 attack against buildings. Maybe my math is off here?

I’m afraid we would create a situation where full in vil rush could knock down all your opponents production buildings, not to mention how fast towers would melt. So either the cost remains the same and doesn’t get used, or the cost goes down and it’s too affordable and creates incredibly frustrating strategies.

Maybe it could work if the effect of sappers is reduced to only certain types of buildings in feudal age, along with the price being reduced? Its certainly and interesting idea to play with!

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Too slow, it won’t fix the intended problem but it might cause others (rip towers). Feudal armies don’t have a problem with taking out walls, they just don’t do it fast enough. You’d need to build a blacksmith and siege workshop and then build a very slow moving ram which likely won’t reach an opponent’s buildings until 17 mins, which means they’re already well on their way to castle age. You could just build a bunch of scouts, archers, or man-at-arms in the same time and achieve the same effect.

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then why dont we see cumans doing this all the time?

i agree with the others here, too expensive and counterable

This would make Feudal-only games way more fun. I’m all in favour :grinning: