Sieges are way too tanky

Siege engines need to be toned down and their pack unpack timers need to be increased. The current siege equipment is instant and the prep time doesn’t give it any disadvantage. Siege engines like trebs, bombards need to have 3 seconds unpack and pack time. They also need to be slow, the current default speed should be the speed after speed tech.

Change in direction also need a 3 second delay, with a progress bar on top. The siege engine damage is fine, but they are way too tanky and way too OP and other mechanical aspects associated with them makes them very OP.

please take these mechanical changes to considerations in regards to siege rather than changing their stat numbers.



100% - siege equipment move like armoured cars at the moment. I’d be all for stronger battering rams that move A LOT more slowly, and the trebling (at least) of reload times for artillery. Sieges aren’t epic when they last all of 2 minutes



  • a group of mangonels eradicate armies. Before arrive at melee your army is dead. Even after get melee, others mangonels can shot to the ones trabed with the enemy (since are tanky enough to survive until that). They can stop even knight.

And this was before their buff haha.

  • a group of bombard erase any kind of defense. No matter the walls, archers in towers, towers and keeps you have. And erase cities in seconds.

Massing siege is a win move no matter the situation


Agree, siege engines feel way overpowered at the moment. They move fast, pack/unpack almost instantly (it’s stupid imo, laying siege should take some more time) and need a super short time to fire again.

What’s the point in making walls wider, giving the ability of buying wall towers and putting troops on top, if anyone can just move a few trebs or bombards and destroy everything in a matter of few seconds before you can even react?

Siege engines definitely should move slower and need more time for packing/unpacking. It makes no sense that you can solve almost every situation just by spamming them. At least giving some defensive ability, like putting fixed springalds on top of a wall, would balance this a bit… but even that wouldn’t be enough.


Indeed is a huge problem. Walls and put archers on them is anecdotic. Most of time is useless.
Bombards reach walls and you can’t reach them without come out.
Also Bombards melt any building in seconds. Walls included.

I feel they lost a chance of make walls and defenses a viable strategy. A shame after make walls so cool and let troops move on them

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Yes, this is post what we need. Is there someone who played aoe2? In this game is siege prety nice balanced.
Its uselles to put archers on wall, while its down in 1s.
Im agree with this post 100%, its need longer repack and slower siege definitively. I got level 40 so i think i have much to write. In imperial age, i dont see any spearmans, because everyone making universal siege instead of making some cavalry. And if they make some cavalry, they just die by overpovered mangonels.

This game is already very bad balanced and unbalanced sultanat is broken too, when you make just 10 mangonels and elephants die instantly because no repack time. We know they want make game faster i like it, but when siege is only one good choice in imperial age something is broken. Siege must work like expensive support, not like main army damm.

You absolutly not have time to respond when you attack with you army on enemy and someone rush you empty village with cannons. And btw, in this patch they boost siege LOL

So, make repack time and speed of siege slower. Boost all defense buildings HP. Add verry small defense bonus against siege for all cavalry units, so people also start playing spearmans more. Its unnecessary to make cavalry or spearman now while opponnet got siege, maybe if you got too much materials but its unbalanced anyway, this will definitively bring more diversity to the battle, not just stupid siege war. Right now is only one good answer to siege springalds. I think its not enough in strategy. Its easy and best solution for us. Thank you.

Check my topic about unbalanced sultanat and hit heart on my comm if you agree
Unbalanced Sultanat is too much nerfed, just read

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Agreed, the current packing time is so short, it makes me feel like there might as well have no packing time at all. The AoE II trebuchets need 7.5 seconds to set up. Even if the dev want a faster game pace than AoE II, 3~4 sec is good enough already, there is really no need to shorten it beyond 1~2 sec, that makes sieges too easy to escape from regular armies.

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Especially the bombard, how on earth does it pack and unpack as fast as it does. Look at that thing, it’s a giant metal tube that has no wheels and cannot be easily adjusted. It’s setup time has to be so much slower.


lol yeha true, it’s way too fast

Guys, i dont feel good about this. I bring nice solution, but they will dont fix it, i must change game because i think then ruin it more in next patch. Siege is overpovered and they boost it more, formations doesnt help, its not fun for me when i must spamm springald and mangonels to win, the game is not about thinking, or stealing gold from map. Everything is broken in this game its arcade not strategy, and who doesn’t see it means he’s a beginner. Im going unistall that, see you later in aoe2

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They need to buff walls and buildings a bit so u can use seige towers or rams and nerf seige a good bit. And limit to how many seige engines a person instead of a whole army.

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No only walls castles and towers little more


Walls are to weak in this game need a big buff. Melt like butter.

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Indeed. They added interesting mechanics like archers on walls… But ends on nothing because siege.

Also towers are kinda useless. Just work a bit on Age I

Perhaps the construction time for siege weapons could be increased too? In Cossacks 3 Cannons ruined combat similarly, but are much more valuable and realistically more rare if construction time takes ages

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agree, when imperial age start the game becomes a siege wars, castles and bombards every side, even you can’t kill siege with a lot of Knights because they are too strong, if the other player is rus is 50 springalds behind a castle

It’s just insane how tanky siege is - like 40 knights need multiple volleys to kill ONE clock tower bombard -when the opponent got a few spears you lose all your knights before cleaning 3 bombards… Siege should be vulnerable and not tankier than everything in the game. Even fire lancers do too low damage vs siege units.


yeah honestly I don’t understand the philosophy of the dev team here

I saw large masses of Knights die vs 10 or 12 mangonels, just losing a couple of mangonels. And if is a team battle with an ally that could tank a bit, is autowin but vs mass of spingards (siege after all)

And indeed, siege resist at melee the time enough for the rest of mangonels / troops kill the enemy. And it was before the mangonel buff hahaha