Signed in to xbox Live, yet no symbol in front of name

Hey guys, since the new age of empires DE came out, I don’t see alot of people playing,

but when i do and i join the game, i usually get kicked, and i reason because i’m the only one without the logo of xbox live in front of my name? I’m not sure how to get it or what to do. At the main menu it says to login to xbox live which I did and for which i already have an account. But that didn’t do the trick, am i missing out on something?

I searched google for answers but couldn’t find them; so this is my last final hope…
Thanks guys


Hi @InvitingParty30, I have a feeling Microsoft Store players have the Xbox logo in front of their gamertag. You should not have been kicked from the game because you are running the Steam version. I also do not have the Xbox logo in front of my gamertag in the game room, just a globe icon. With a mix of players with the Xbox logo and the globe icon in the same game room it means that crossplay is working!

Oh okay thanks a lot for the information!!