Is there any chance of AoE III to have its part or influence on AoE IV espically regarding graphics, desgin and ages???

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If by graphics you mean “3d with cool physics and a generally realistic style”, most certainly. Regarding the age settings? Hard to tell. That teaser suggested they will be visiting all ages, but that’s really just a guess. We don’t know if it’s “stone age to AOE 3 Imperial Age”, or Stone to Castle, or 18th to 19th century for that matter.

My hope is that, as far as game design and scope go, we see more of a return to AOE 2. The biggest issue I took with AOE 3 was how it felt more like you were establishing a tiny outpost for an existing empire, rather than YOU building a civilization.


AoE III gameplay lacks many features even though its centered around colonization.

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no. the franchise must move forward.

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