Siha Bow Limbs not available


I have a problem with the Mongol upgrade “Siha Bow Limbs”. In any game, I cannot research this upgrade, even if I have enough ressources to buy it. The upgrade is grey, it sais that it needs no other condition but I cannot click on it.

I had a similar problem to buy elite archers but it only lasted one game.

Thank you very much.

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Hi there, have you tried moving your archery range near the influence of a “Ovoo” or stone production building of the Mongols?

I can’t read but there is red condition mentioned before I can research it .

It says : condition : no other upgrade, unsure what the exact wording is in the game, I didn’t have that problem =/

I have this after researching it. So the condition is correct, I cannot research it because I already researched it. The button just doesn’t disappear.

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@TheHelmar should be correct here. There are a couple of upgrades that are bugged that don’t disappear as expected after being researched—and instead will display the “no other requirements” error message.

We’re definitely aware. Apologies for the confusion!


please disregard - apparently this has been fixed.

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Definitely not!

Issue still exists, even after half a year -.-"

Issue still exists for the (Improved) version!