Silk route in racing games Map and very bad

When I play ranked game I think the chance to play in Silk Road map is very high, and the map is not at all competitive. It is bad for civilizations that depends on long distance hunting, as the map in 3v3 and 4v4 games become very wide. This map also seems to benefit civilizations with Housing Eco, like Sweedish, Incas and Japanese. My point is: I dont think it is a good and competitive map for ranked games, so it should happen less than the current rate.

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It is quite random, I already played several 3vs3 and 4vs4 games and I never got the Silk route, which if I get very often is Colorado, which has hunting for almost the entire game.

Oh srry, my english is very bad 212121
I think it was not understood what I was trying to say.

And you are right with Colorado, the hunts also end soon unless you walk a lot, more if you are British.

Most of the games in ranked i get, in this order:
Central plain

Its not even close to the other maps which i rarely get. Either in team ranked or team unranked.

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had a day that I went to play I took 5 times this same maps and I lost all guess for who hahahahah most Japan and Sweden

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