Simple Infantry Fix: Make their Collision Size smaller

Infantry already have good attack vs siege. The challenge they have is getting to the siege without to great losses.

I think giving them treatment like konnik will be more useful against siege and knight, like dying and reviving at 50%HP. But this can be too OP in late game.

Well, we can take the royal heirs treatment and do something similar for militia-line. Recieve -x damage from siege.


That sound like fun :grin:

That could work if siege is to powerful. But mangonels and scorpions lose alot of thier power VS stag er formation or really good micro. And siege should counter massed infantry in my opinion.

Gambeson changed “Militia line +1PA” → “Militia line dodge 5 projectiles in 30 seconds”. Fixed both archer and siege weakness. 11

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Does inf really need more counters? Basically everything counts infantry at this point, whether by design or because AoE2 infantry sucks.


I think scorpion is good vs massed swordsmen.

No they dont. But I think that buffing another dynamic would be more called for. Vs trash, in combination with another unit, able to mass vs other melee or maybe even tanking arrow dmg.

Historically, swordsmen are better than cavalry and pikes in difficult terrain like forest, hills, swamp. Perhaps allow swordsmen to hide inside/pass thru woodlines


honestly its good u put in the time and tested even combat though there are other unintended effect this can have on other areas of the game

ie. hundreds of scenarios/mods, or even random map generation built with spacing in mind to not allow 0.2 collision to passthrough while would otherwise allow 0.15 to squeeze through

i’d say a more simple direct buff such as base speed boost or something like squire in feudal could potentially solve it

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