Simple Question to Dev's or anyone community

After a game of Age De how would won get the stats from the game. I know there is timeline report. Is there a way to get this in the log file? And kind of stats can I extract from the session.

I ask because I’ve played this game for a long time and I decided to contribute to community by making a separate rating system which 140 active players are using in the first two weeks of use. I believe I can get alot more but it be nice if we could get these stats. The other way to do is we have alot of twitch viewers who can update these stats in realtime as the game is in session but that’s not so ideal. Be easier if we could just get the game log and we can figure out how to import that.

Any help from the dev’s would be appreciate it can be minimal info just need to know where the info is .


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You can take screenshots of the statistics/timeline screen. Optionally, you could use a third-party app such as Bandicam or iTop Screen Recorder if you don’t like using the standard “print screen” way.