[Single Player][Norman Campaign][Gameplay bug] Enemy can climb the stone walls from the outside

This happens in the Norman Campaign, in the Battle of Lincoln, specifically at the part where you have to defeat the besieging forces in the outposts around the castle.

Basically, when you’re in the fort, enemies seem to be able to climb through the gates onto the stone walls - which is incredibly frustrating as the defender, because you know the gates have been preconstructed wrong.

They were able to climb all the gates south of the keep as far as I know. I was able to reproduce this even after I loaded the game from a save thinking it was a bug.

Build of the game: 5.0.7989.0
Difficulty: Hard

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Hi @gameboy0895, Is there a chance your units opened the gate and allowed the enemy units to climb the walls or the enemy used a siege tower? Enemy units should not be climbing the pre-constructed walls with the gate locked.

It happens to me too… the wall with auto close keeps open (even with the wall animation showing it was closed), and even if nobody is next to it…if you force to keep close, then they try to go on the others gates that are “auto close”…idk if this are ok, but happens also that the siege tower will enter the city and try to get behind the walls of the Keep, but from inside :rofl:

the most sad part is the first blockage, that the wall are from an ally and you cant force to close the wall, so enemy soldier just climb the wall as if was theirs

Thank you for the report @gameboy0895 and @OlorinDNarya. I’ll log this so the team can check it out. We appreciate the report.