Singleplater Campaign appreciation post and DLC campaign speculation

After I have heard about DLC campaign I jumped in into our classic campaign from base game and I cannot stress how good of an impression these videos made on me. They have great, pristine quality videos and they are actually educational. Especially interesting are these optional once e.g about building the castle or shooting crossbows.

Do you think that new campaign in upcoming DLC will deliver similair experience? Like actually guys flying to Jerusalem and do all these drone footage and historical narrative? In teaser we can see some arts but not really a video footage that’s my question is coming from.

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It’s true, the campaign videos on medieval weaponry or aspects of medieval French, Mongolian and Russian culture were well done. I wonder what they will be like but in an Abbasid version and probably from the Sultan’s Army. Will we have aerial footage of modern-day Jerusalem? It would be great.

Let’s hope there are videos, I really liked it. At least with what the DLC costs, I want to assume that it is a guarantee that the campaign will at least have those videos.


From the sound of it, no. The campaign is being told from the perspective of a ‘chronicler’ so it sounds like they’re going back to AoE2 style narrative campaigns. Which to me is a litle unfortunate. I get that a lot of people didn’t like the AoE4 style campaigns, but a lot of people (including me) also did, and at least it stood on its own.


I think it is very sad to have campaigns with professional documentaries and beautifully done and other with videos in the campaigns that will come out with videos I can find on youtube.