Site asks me to link Steam acc again and again. Bug? Can this harm my invite chances to the AoE 2 DE?

Ok, hello everyone. My issue is that when I login to the insider’s page I often get a message to link a Steam account. However I already did this, as correctly shown in my profile settings. I wonder if its bugging, why it seems to think I have no account linked sometimes.

I’m particularly worried for the AoE 2 DE Beta, which I’m crazy to test.

Is this normal? Can anyone check if my profile is “ok” as a candidate, please?

Thank you!

Hi @offsdexter, If you clear your browser cache and cookies or open a private browser tab do you still receive the same message to link your Steam account?

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I was having the same issue, for months now. Today I finally solved it. Needed to Opt Out from the Insider (button “Opt out” in the 2nd image you shared), then sign up to Insider again.
I think this “reseted” my signup, so I think my chances to get a beta from AoE2:DE are screwed. Not sure.