Skipping Intro Video of Aoe2 (hd and de) upon launch for steam

Guide by DoctorWillCU


  • Go to your game list in steam
  • Right click on Aoe 2 de/Aoe 2 hd
  • Select properties
  • Stay in the General tab
  • Click on Set Launch options
  • write SKIPINTRO and confirm
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Someone is asking for a solution for Microsoft store. Do you have a solution for microsoft store?

@Zetnus Can you make a mod that replaces the videos with corrupt ones to disable it? Have you tried? Does mod manager work in game startup?

It’s surely possible. But why?

Can you not specify launch options and/or manually delete the video in the Microsoft Store version?

Nope people cannot access game files in Microsoft Store version. Apps in store come as packages and there isn’t windows permission to access files.

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thanks a lot, man. while i was searching for yours, i saw another 2019 version that does the same. i installed yours and happy to see that it works.

well dang. why did I make one if there already is one with 4k downloads.
I should probably just remove mine since it is redundant.

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let it stay please. not everyone is so wise to find them there easily… took me 3 months as you see…

Yeah, removing is a good idea, because it is a clear duplicate and original is easily findable from search, like can be seen

I’ve changed mine to unlisted to give anyone subscribed the chance to swap to the other before deleting it.