Skirmish AI allies need to be either more aggressive or actually react to commands

I love team games, especially in AoE3 and especially 3v3, but I didn’t realise it was possible to develop a furious urge to punch an AI in the face until now.

I just played 3v3 on Hard (which is my “relaxation” difficulty, I go for Hardest if I want to sweat), and it was essentially 1v2. Two enemies (US and Chinese) who barely attacked, and though I had decent success, trying to defeat them both as Lakota late game was just bashing my head into a wall repeatedly.

Whereas those two utter morons (my allies, Mexico and Ethiopia) either stood with a massive army in their base, or usually it seemed like they were about to attack, THEN STARTED WITHDRAWING HALFWAY FOR NO CLEAR REASON, which is where the urge to punch them in the face grew increasingly. They pretty much always declined commands to attack anything or anyone. Oh, and on the other hand, they “fought” 2v1 against Spain, usually having some dumb skirmish in the middle of the map, then withdrawing whether they won or lost.

I really think the AI is good overall (especially compared to the travesty that is AoE2:DE AI, dear god), but this is infuriating. I love 3v3 team games, but due to how AoE3 is designed, if your AI allies are dumb and passive, then no matter what you do, you just can’t win with 200-250 population (if you stretch it as hard as possible) against 400+ or 600+ alone.

…unless you pick Trade Monopoly as a possible victory, but then it becomes way too easy which is a separate can of worms for another time.

tl;dr: AI is good and as someone who spent ages ranting about AoE2:DE AI, I genuinely enjoy it. But please make it react to commands, and Hard AI should be 50% more aggressive, and Hardest a little less. Thank you.


From my experience half of the team ai games is defending a brain dead allies against almost unending wave of cannon if the enemy is european/japan/federal america and making the only cost effective composition is falconet and dragoon.

There is this match I experienced where the allies only create culverin and mortar against 60+ dutch ruyter with falconet support so my army was forced to babysit these allies. What bum me more is they didn’t create skirmisher to counter ruyter and when I ask for a bit of wood, they give me 9k of it. They just hoard resources instead of spending them on useful things.

I would also like the enemy AI to be more aggressive; that they be much more insistent on building forward bases.

Actually, it is much better on Hardest - both allies and enemies really attack and the game has a decent pace. I am also frequently surprised by how well it actually counters units (if you get to Imperial Age, fasten your seatbelt - the AI is just TOO GOOD at reacting to your army composition).

But yeah, Hardest can also be pretty challenging, so I like to drop the difficulty to Hard sometimes when I want a more chill game before bed or something, and I am surprised by how bizarrely passive it is.

As above, they do that quite well on Hardest, but not nearly enough on Hard. I can also imagine the leap between the two levels would be quite big for players still getting into the game. This should be more streamlined.