Skirmish AI Team Crashes when saved and reloaded

So I usually play long games with AI team, and almost always have to save and reload it another day to finish. I’ve noticed that roughly 30 minutes or so after reloading a saved AI game, the game will crash straight to desktop. It’s happened every single time I reload a game. It never has crashed on me when I play for hours before saving a game, it only seems to happen after saving and reloading. The game will start lagging badly and then quickly freeze up, and after a few seconds it will crash to desktop.

I have the saved games that cause this if it helps any. Suffice to say it’s making me wary of continuing any saved games now.

Also, I noticed there seems to be no auto-save when I play AI games. At least AOE2 DE did this, maybe the others. Is this on purpose or? Can this please get added? This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it just auto-saved so instead of losing 30 minutes of play time, I just lose maybe 3-5 minutes. Understandable if it takes time to work out crashes but an auto-save feature would help mitigate the annoyance to the players.

Game info:
Black Forest 3v3, Gigantic map, Explored, Team Together
AI = Hard with 1 Hardest on each team
Forest type = Asian Subtropic
Win Condition = Destroy Landmarks

I played as Chinese


I have the same issue and the Age of Empire support say :
Please perform the following:

  • Delete the existing files in C:\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\Users\ direction
  • Re-install Age of Empires IV
  • Use new save files after deleting all the existing ones and refrain from using old files.

But my issue is the same

@Aurelien586 did you happen to forward your DxDiag and logs to the support team?