Skirmish bug


I would like to report a bug which I recently experienced in the game.
So i was with the mongols against England(1v1 easy) and when i destroyed all the landmarks, the game didn’t end.
I explored the whole map and placed outposts everywhere to clear all the blind spots, but i couldn’t find any/finish the game.
2 hours 40minutes😅
In the centre of the enemy, there is a text above the destroyed landmarks, so i made a picture to show you.
Im confused, the health is on 0, but i can still shoot them.
Could it be possible to fix me this problem, so i can finish the solo match or is it going to be solved next time? Thanks for the answers!

Sounds like you forgot to activate the option / winning condition: landmarks victory.

(I actually think you forgot to activate any winning condition at all, because the always show on the left top side in your screen, and yours is completely empty :slight_smile: )


OMG haha, so that is sandbox stands for… Thank you so much :smiley:
At least the experience was earned :smiley:
Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

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