Skirmish, Less aggressive/harassing easy mode?

Hi-dee-ho Generals!

Larger levels of history battlelust have been found in my blood once more and I have installed AoE4 again. I’m not sure if I am recalling correctly but was there supposed to be implimented a less aggresive(less harassing) easy difficulty for skirmish? If yes is it patched in now? I have a lot of hours in AoM and AoE3/AoE3DE mostly played on Easy and sometimes Normal and that’s the way I generally like to play strategy games.

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Hello :slight_smile:

There is a mod called advanced game settings. With this mod you can use treaty mode. Then you can say an attack is only possible after X minutes.

Besides you can play arena maps. Everyone starts with a stone wall around him.

There are also certain maps which are easier to defend like mongolian hights.

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Thank you for the reply! Perhaps it is time to try out treaty mode then.

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