Skirmisher buff

Skirmishers tend to take down archers too slowly and often you might micro the shots to kill one or two archers at a time while the archers shoot for equal trades against units the skirmishers are supposed to protect at times or you can rely on patrolling the skirms towards archers to little effect, particularly against cav archer variants and the skirms may just fire on the closest unit which happens to be a non archer, wasting shots.
Or even in the early stages of pure archers vs skirmishers the archers are able to be microed to destroy the skirmishers on top of the skirmishers costing food which hurts your eco and age up times severely for even making them while the archer player can age up and outclass skirmisher play, adding in mangos if they fancy, or just better upgrades/numbers due to the lack of a food cost dragging down their eco. (This does not apply towards pikes/knights since both cost food)

Add a function/stance to skirmishers for them to only automatically attack archer types and no other types of units while under the effects of this stance.

Increase bonus damage vs archers to make them be as damaging to archers as pikes are to knights and scouts.

Remove, or heavily reduce the food cost, and increase wood cost to somewhere around 30 or 40. Skirmisher cost should be similar to but less than the cost of persian trashbows.


Yeah make a button for that. Then add a button for archers to automatically run away from skirms. And a button for knights to target skirms first, but run away if they are guarded by pikes. And an “Auto Play” button would be good too! lol Come on, just use control groups and micro them, it’s not that hard! Use hills to your advantage, and don’t go full skirm.

Increasing bonus dmg that much would completely break the game, just saying.

going archers is always better in feudal age, because as you make skirms you’re delaying your castle time. it’s a calculated risk. If you could spam skirms and never spend food on them, only wood, that again would break the game. Why do you think scouts are so expensive?

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Having an expensive wood cost, especially for early game standards, balances skirmishers similar to how high food cost effects scouts balance.

Want to punish all-in skirmishers with a likely terrible farm eco and a low ability to age up due to lack of proper wood for farms and extra early game villager numbers for farmer to woodchopper ratio anyways? Use scouts


skirmishers are the stronges unit of the game , they dont need a buff. Mygod, the things we end up hearing. The game its absolutely trash because everyone its telling " hey devs fix this" and the devs make a lazy effort to do that and game ended up worst than before. All arabias are worst than the previous arabia, the tg elo fix was a disaster, the alt f4 fix ended up getting timeouts for everyone at least 1 time and make queues a lot longer and unballanced, the infantry buffs were unnecesary and guess what THEY ARE STILL USELESS. Can you guys shut up?

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well, that’s no doubt insulting, in other news arabia is fine as is, tho I’d push the hills further away from the tc.

The devs are constantly trying to improve the game, and they’re doing a good job, and things that don’t work out as well as they should they listen and fix them in a logical manner until it’s perfect.

its the same arabia as 1 or 2 arabias ago, hills everywhere, tiny woods, further sheep,etc.

Let them gather the data as they go, they’ll find the preferred balance for the map - in the meantime there’s always runestones or crater or even valley

There are large treelines, just need to scout them out, chop stragglers until you find what you’re looking for - should be able to find before the first 2 closest stragglers within farm distance of the tc are done(clears space for farms while not wasting the tree)

which data? how much smurfs are in the game? how much timeouts we ended up having? how they reuined teamgames?

All things they’re actively attempting to fix without going overboard.

this is happening since MONTHS ago

These things take time, the more time the more likely the coming fix will be a well made one.

nicov already say that teamgames are dead, queues are larger, games are unballanced, what are we waiting for? to be completely dead?

I think skirmish buff is a nerf to archer civs. Most of the archer civs are not very strong currently.

Besides, skirmisher excels at resisting arrows and kills archer 1v1. Its true that skirmisher kill archer slower than knight/eagles/siege. But those units cost gold while skirmisher is always cost efficient.

I agree feudal archer rush does not hurt eco. But I think in 1v1, m@a and scout rush are more powerful.


I think the main problem is that they kill archers much slower than pikes kill knights

Hell no! Skirms are so dominant in the early and midgame and the only thing that makes them weaker late game is the fact that they aren’t great in mixed compositions with large numbers.

Dude these are ranged units. I guess you didn’t understand the logic here: spears deal so much dmg vs scouts because scouts are faster and it’s melee. Skirms deal dmg over distance. Besides if we talking knights, they win vs pikes 1v1 while if you play skirms vs, xbow and have 2nd armor xbows do nothing.

And another bad idea. Counter units being food heavy is a important mechanic in the game.

Skirms are fine. Just learn how to use them.


Skirms being food heavy isn’t like pikes being food heavy or even scouts being food heafty, archers don’t cost food while knights and scouts do - building pikes doesn’t bring your eco down to defend against cavalry because cavalry costs food as well - skirmishers should have a similar eco impact as to that of their archer targets just like pikes have a similar eco impact as to their cavalry targets.

I would even go so far as to add a cheaper gold cost to skirmishers to obtain this effect, but in my opinion just removing the food cost and increasing the wood cost to be more expensive yet still buildable in the early game similar to how scouts are heafty in food cost balances them so can skirmishers be heafty, perhaps not as heafty, to gain the same balanced effect off of the similar eco impacting resource as to their intended unit to counter.

As far as trash units go, I would see the skirmishers as the wood cost unit while scouts are the food cost unit and pikes are the wood and food cost unit. And persian trashbows pay a premium to become a wood-cost trash unit much like the skirmisher should become.

On the other hand they have much better survival vs archers then pikes do vs knights

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At some point scouts would be a play by the archer civ, or mangonels. It would work decently into the counter system - archers are also well and able to make haste in the opposite direction much like scouts do until they outnumber/out-upgrade their counter. And it would often be against the skirmisher’s ability to survive in the open to pursue them.

I hate the Mayan UT for skirmishers
Just give them a bonus of +2 against infantry instead of a extra javelin

I think the point is that Mayan Skirms need to beat other civs’ Skirms. The extra javelin deals damage even to high pierce armor enemies. This is necessary because meso civs don’t have Light Cav to counter mass skirmishers in trash wars. Once the gold runs out in 1v1 eagles can’t be spammed so going skirm vs skirm is the only option. Of course the enemy will like respond with Hussars, which is why Mayans have good Halberdiers. They need a viable 2-unit trash composition and IMO they have it.

Aztecs are similar with +1 damage and range on their skirms, but the missing Ring Armor hurts them and they rnd up relying more on bonus Relic gold for a good late game army. Incas are just dead if it gets to trash wars, since their unique skirmisher upgrade is rarely beneficial, and sometimes makes them weaker against enemy skirmishers (they all focus fire the one hussar or spearmen that closed the gap instead of spreading damage to enemy ranged units).