Skirmisher Spearman hybrid?

A unit to counter the scouts and archers meta in Arabia. A unit that’s cost-effective against both of these? Can be made in the barracks, (the unit is the infantry class) so no need for archery range. It has the same stats of a skirmisher in ranged mode, but it can switch to melee mode to defend itself against scouts. It does bonus damage vs scouts in melee mode, but it’s damage is too weak to be effective vs knights. It’s main early game weakness is that unit costs 10 gold, and 30 wood per unit.

It moves slower than a militia, so it can’t kite them. This will allow militia to be effective counter. At the same time they can do low damage to scouts at range, but if the scouts try to engage them in close combat they will suffer a lot of damage.

It’s 5 wood cheaper than a Skirmisher, but they also cost 10 gold, which is a finite resource. Unless you have trade and relics. The Elite Upgrade in castle age just makes it somewhat similar to an Elite Skirmisher in attack in ranged mode, but ith has 60 HP and melee attack similar to that of a Pikeman. It still weak vs heavy cavalry like knights and infantry, but quite effective vs hussars.

With this unit on the field it can be annoying for scouts and archers to deal with. Since it can cost effectively counter these units. However, the unit weak to militia and knights due to it’s mediocre damage in melee mode and slow movement. And knights can kill them with ease, since it’s does low damage to them.

Eagle Warrior?
Good against Archers (because of pierce armour) but can hold itself up against Cavalry (because bonus damage) but is countered by Infantry and overpowered by Knights.

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Eagle warrior does not have a ranged attack. It is more of a raider unit than a defensive unit, also it’s forced to engage in close combat. This unit much cheaper and is slow but can do lots of damage to archers at range, and if scouts try attack them up close they will meet a spear to do lots of damage to them. With them only costing 30 wood and 10 gold they would be cost effective vs both archers and scouts.

Basically a slow moving Skirmisher that can defend itself in melle combat vs scouts.

I know, but the Eagle Warrior fills a similar role.
That’s why Eagle civs play so different compared to others.

But generally I don’t think this game will ever get a new generic land unit unless it’s some more exotic kinda unit (like the Siege Tower).
Water might be getting a bigger rework in the future but that’s a different topic.

I know you like suggesting new generic units but I don’t think the game has the potential to change that much.
Because AoE4 exists. It can be the more exotic game in the same setting with a lot of the same mechanics.

Why would aoe4 have any affect on this side of the game?main reason we dont see any new unit lines getting added is simply there is no role they can fill that something else is already doing.

I personally feel there is more units that can be added either on water or economy side eg.trainable sheep monk ship builder/repair ship.

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If you compare AoE4 with AoE2 alpha versions you will discover a lot of similarities.
AoE4 is in many ways a redesign of AoE2. It uses a lot of the same systems in the same ways AoE2 does (same economy, same armour system, similar bonus damage system, etc.) unlike AoM, AoE3 or AoEO that used different concepts (Percentage base armour for example)

That’s not true though.
A lot of unique units have new roles that existing generic unit don’t fill.
And then there are regional units that have unique roles too.

The best way of figuring out if there are new unit roles that could be filled is looking at other games of the series and how they did things. (AoE3 not so much since it includes technology from time periods that AoE2 doesn’t include).

Water is the biggest weak spot of AoE2 (and every other AoE tbh.) and it could need a total rework in my opinion.
There are just some big inherit difficulties at designing water gameplay.

I don’t really see the room for a new generic economic unit.

A suggestion you DIDNT delete?

Anyway whats thr grand scheme poijt of this unit? Combining anti archer and anti cav needs to be super weak to infantry.

But again spears and skirms are cheap dont demand gold and move faster so whats the point of a weaker combo unit that doesnt excel as well as either

Care to give an example of this?
I still dont understand why a different game should be compared with this one to give generic units.

Sounds like this unit would just replace skirm/spear in feudal since it does both. I think if new generic units were added it would have to be in feudal to shake up the meta the most. I would propose 2 different generic units in feudal, a ladder guy that lets units hop walls (mostly to make quick wallers cry) and a pavisary (melee shield guy that can tank arrows) that can deal bonus damage to buildings. Combine these with your typical feudal strats and watch the chaos unfold.


Chariot Archer

  • Trash Cavalry Archer
  • Resists conversation
  • No bonus damage
  • Bad against other archers

Hoplite Line

  • Super Heavy Infantry
  • Extremely high Meele attack and armour
  • Ignore anti Infantry bonus damage

Ballista Line

  • Siege with high single target damage
  • No blast radius or pass through damage
  • High rate of fire

Stone Thrower Line

  • High range anti building
  • relatively large AoE



  • Ranged Cavalry that counters cavalry
  • Bad against Light Infantry (Archers)


  • Infantry that does ranged AoE damage
  • High siege damage
  • Bad against Cavalry


  • Anti Artillery Artillery
  • Exists in AoE4 too with the same role



  • Anti armour Archer
  • Bad against light units

There are a lot more if you include Unique Units from those games.

Because they are the closest comparison.
Similar settings and most of them where originally made by the same developers.

Maybe buff the speed of m@a to 1 and give anti-light cav dmg to m@a. At least there can be a triangle relation among archers, m@a, scout.

A unit that is strong vs archers+ cavalry can be dangerous in team games, recalling 5PA imperial camel.