Slavs - Worst nightmare for Hindustanis and Magyars in BF?

This time, the host started the game in Imperial Age with higher amount of resources, rather than the usual Dark Age with standard settings. 2v2.

My team:

  • Hindustanis (Me)
  • Magyars

Opponent team:

  • Both Slavs

Got overrun by a siege + pike + boyar push. Are the Slavs impossible to beat in a closed map like Black Forest?

You mean as a siege civ, which is a classic thing in games like BF. Celts are even more deadly in BF, also Ethiopians with torsion engines, Turks and Bohemians with their guns and cannons, Spanish and also Saracens. All these civs do great in BF and also Mongols with their Ferrari Siege onagers with drills and Mangudai.

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It is not about slavs, it is about halbedier. Halbediers are broken. 60 tradecart paladin spam or archer spam is not enough to stop halbedier push and infantries are not enough to finish game.

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I think it was just a bad matchup for the map.

Hindustani suffer a bit in general vs strong infantry.

Magyars are usually a bad matchup for Slavs. Slavs struggle hard against cav archers, but cav archers are not a great choice on closed maps.

In the end you played a map, where halbs are ve3y decent with a civ that has bad halbs and a civ with no halba at all while Slavs have at least top 3 halbs.

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The Hindustanis absolutely dominate cavalry civs. Let’s say it’s a team game, the Hindustanis got full trade boom. Their imperial camels absolutely murder Paladins.

It’s good that their is hard counter civs. Infantry civs get time to shine to some degree vs the Hindustanis. Although, them Hand Cannoneers might be an issue in the late game. Italians might be helpful here with Condottiero for the Hand Cannoneers, Genoese Crossbowman for the camels.

Have you tried magyar CA + Imp camel?

I think Hindustanis need to add bombard canons to the composition.


Not against slavs. But ofc some siege to apply pressure is recommendet.

What, you obviously want bombard cannons as Hindustanis. Slavs don’t get bombard cannons, you can snipe their siege very easily. You have also expendable Magyar Huszar, and Imperial Camels eat Boyars. HCA or 9 range Hand Cannoneers are also going to do great against infantry. It’ll be a blink-and-die type of deal if you keep HCs in tight formation and eat a SO shot, so you gotta be careful then.

Slavs have really poor defenses, a couple of bombards should take down any Detinets Castle pushes too. Magyar player also has FU Halbs in case Boyars somehow become a really big problem.

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Yeah, I feel ### will be very handy to snipe siege in a closed map with chock points like BF, whereas the Magyars cavalry might get melted by slav halberdiers.

Hand cannoners + Halberdiers/Paladins and Camels + HCA should be good combos for Hindustanis/Magyars to deal with Halberdiers+Boyars.

Actually Magyars are lacking squires and the last armor. But this doesnt change much the result. Still kill in 5 hits and die in 4 hits against Boyars. And the lack of PA shouldnt impact much against scorpions.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting they don’t get Squires 11
But yes, kinda whatever since you’re going to be throwing them against Boyars in a choke anyway. They’ll still get the job done!

If the opponent has halb SO in a closed map and you cant raid you have 4 options:

1- the preferred option bombard cannons (if you have them) + whatever comp you wanted originally

2- overwhelm your opponent with strong infantry (champs, infantry uu) if you have such infantry.

3- use your own halb so ( if you have them)

4- resign.

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They are taking advantage of you on lobby games by counter pick civs and settings. Just don’t play it if you disagree with game settings unless you want to show off your skill.

Try Celts + Khmer