What should be my main focus with the Slavs in a 1v1 rank match

Eco Wise
Military Wise

Siege Onager with Siege Engineers, despite the cost 🥲

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Please rename the name of the topic as it is confusing.

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Halb+Siege onager for closed maps
On Arabia maybe mass Knights

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With Slavs going scouts in feudal is never a bad idea, then knights, siege and monks in castle age. Once in imp you can keep going with cavalier, then boyar if you have a lot of ressources, or go mass infantry+siege.


Druzhina halbs are amazing (also champions, but they’re morw situational). That with siege

They also have decent stable. In maps with lots of gold, Boyar can be an option. Alsot, theyhave FU monks.

Long story short, pretty much everything except archers


… which you can replace by massed and cheap scorpions

In feudal age whatever gets you save to castle age (usually scouts but maa into some archers/skirms works as well). Also Slavs is pretty good for feudal all-in style since you can produce a lot of scouts with that farming bonus (for instance on maps such as acropolis).

In castle age I’d go knights and boom. The transition into imp can be somewhat awkward because you might not want to play cavalier all the way down. Imo all-in castle knights and siege is their strongest option on open maps.

On arena usually infantry and siege. Against meso and infantry civs champs work well. In most other matchups I’d go halb/siege. Only problem here is that you oftentimes need both (siege) onager and siege ram. If you only go halb/SO your onagers might get sniped by civs with bombard cannons so you need rams to counter canons.

Since there’s a thread I ask here.
When would you favor Slavs over Celts, and why?

Try going boyars if you have the stone. I’ve tried them in new patch and wrecked lithuanian paladins 11 (enemy player didn’t expect that haha)

Slavs are good for scouts into knights. On open maps you go cav compositions the whole length of game. On closed maps you can go inf siege. Halb ram or halb onager usually best halb ram Vs cav civs halb onager Vs arch civs.

You can also open something like drush FC knights into all in/boom Vs a scout civ as at my level anyway if they go scouts and you go walls early they don’t get through and Vs scouts you can easily rewall behind while making use of the castle age power spike earlier with way better eco than your opponent. Slavs should have decent all in 3stable knights play in bad matchups with the farming bonus

That depends on the strategies you wanna go for I’d say. Assuming you talking open maps they kinda have different playstyles up until a certain point. Slavs have better cavalry so if you go for knight or scout line go for slavs. Both are quite bad for archers in the long run but going archers oftentimes makes sense as celts since you have great drush/maa into archers opening (also the wood bonus helps more than food bonus). Both have great siege but imo celts is better for all-in pushes with mangonels (their siege is stronger) while slavs are better for cavalry+ram pushes. Both have kinda difficult transitions to imp but Slavs are still easier here since you can upgrade your cavalry units to a reasonable degree. Celts have the better infantry unit (wood raiders) but slavs have better champs imo (free supplies and option to go for druzina, although the latter is rather rare bc expensive). As for halbs I’d prefer Celts as they are faster and it’s easier to chase cav or protect siege. Lastly, Slavs have great monks. In terms of booming I think Celts have better pure boom while Slavs are better at booming while also making military (except for boom and xbows maybe, not sure though). Alltogether I find Slavs a bit more flexible while Celts have the stronger deathball and more difficult transitions.