Slinger Upgrade to Skirmisher

in the game archers especially chariots powerfull with long range. can you add skirmisher unit for counters? the game have already spear throw animation on hunting animals. it can be easy

no, can be nice add as separate unit. javelin have more pierce damage than crush.

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Composite archers are a good counter already. Charriots are not so powerful unless end game. You can also wall your town… The time to upgrade wheel and all of that, your wall should be finished.

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Chariot archers should have a minimum range and all archer units range modified

Tool Bowman 40F 20W 35 3 0 5 M
Bronze Imp. Bowman 40F 20G 45 5 0 6 M
Bronze Comp. Bowman 40F 20G 50 6 0 7 M
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guys i suggested unit for anti archery (bonus dmg against archers and more pierce armor) slingers useless on late game it can be upgrade to skirmisher. please add new units for keep game fresh.

better upgrade the unit no make an different unit.