Slinging in Age 1... good for the game?

So yesterday i played a game (4v4) where 3 players sent all their ressources to the incan from the first second of the game. This means the inca could click up at around 30 secs, arrives in 1:30 in age 2 and at minute 3:30 the first tc was destroyed.
I know it is a huge investment, but it is also a bit ridicolous to be able to destroy tcs before most civs are even up.
This video showcases the build

What do you guys think?


It does seem to hit harder and faster than is reasonable to do with. Maybe something should be done about this.

In age of empires 2 slinging is disabled until you build a market. Maybe AOE3 DE could patch this by disabling slinging until you hit Colonial Age. Would that be a good balance change?

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So there is a very decent counter to this that a lot of people don’t consider because it’s not meta, but it completely takes away the ability for the enemy to do this.

Keep pioneers card in your deck, if you see someone age that quickly then ship the card. Build a market and research blunderbuss first, and then the villager HP. Your villagers are now much stronger in melee combat than their units. Their teammates will be far more crippled than your team if you keep this as a backup measure. Your economy won’t suffer all that much depending on how many villagers he is able to kill. This isn’t an ideal thing to do unless they specifically try for a rush like this, in which case it completely shuts it down.

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