Slower cannon projectiles

According to the patch notes:

I do see French cannons having slower projectiles (perhaps too slow now) but regular bombards and culverins seem unchanged and projectiles are as fast as before the patch.

As far as I am aware, the change was applied to Cannons, Culverins, Royal Cannons, Bombards, Cannon Emplacements, and Handcannon Slits (not the Handcannon unit).

I’ll keep this thread open so others can weigh in on the goods vs bads of current projectile speeds.

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My experience is that all “cannonball weapons” had an almost imperceptible change in their projectile speeds (if at all - I can’t tell if I’m honest), except for the French cannons which now have too slow projectiles (subjective, of course). The French cannons now feel like AoE 4’s version of AoE 2’s Cannon Galleons.

The other change which is related and I don’t recall seeing in the patch notes is that trebuchet projectiles fly slower and lower too. That one is fine, me thinks.