Slp to smx converter

Is there a official tool for converting slp to smx files or do we have to wait for @RyanTVS SLX Studio update?

DEAssetTool in the Tools_Build folder can be used to convert SLP files in the SLP folder into SMP files. SMP files are the graphic files used in the beta and the game can still read them. SMX is just a compressed version of them. The DEAssetTool isn’t exactly ideal, but may suffice for some things. For example, it draws all shadows as black pixels and doesn’t translate player outlines. You also need to convert 5 directional unit SLPs to 8 directions (E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, N, NE) because mirror mode apparently isn’t supported anymore.


So if I want to replace a smx file I just have to delete it and paste the smp file instead?
My goal is to mod the AoE:DE units/buildings into AoEII:DE.

I use SLX Studio, which is awesome btw, and I am looking forward to the new version.

Currently, the DEAssetTool only correctly converts SLPs using the AoC/HD standard graphics palette (50500). Converting AoE1 DE SLPs to SMP not only will result in the pixels being a scrambled mess, but it doesn’t convert the shadows at all and AoE1 DE units don’t even have outlines. These issues will be addressed with SLX Studio when my update is ready.


Ok, thank you very much for your reply, it saved me a lot of useless work. I really appreciate your effort. Please make a own post if the update is ready.

Would it be possible to convert these little shrubs/plants for use in AOE2:DE. It would add more richness to the plant variety we have.

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Not with the DEAssetTool. It will with SLX Studio when I finish the next release.

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Can you help merge 3 variants of the yurts into one smx files? I want to use it as the Mongolian Houses.
Thanks for SLX editor. Great tool Tevious!

When RyanTVS’s SLX Studio is released, I plan to make an AOE:DE total conversion mod for AOE2:DE like Rome Returns. Maybe we could help each other with the assets.