Small change on steppe lancer cost and Tatar civ

Greetings everyone;

I am here to discuss with you the high food cost of steppe lancer, for me 70 food is really high cost that does not make a good balance even if the gold cost is 45, actually i think the food should be 60 so for the next patch i think they should reduce the food cost a little bit at least 60 because it is really high cost for the food to be 70 on steppe lancer.

For the Tatars i suggest to make the training time for cav archers 20% faster.

Mass Steppe lancer can beat most melee units in mass battle. The cost reduction has to be subtle to test if steppe lance would be OP/how easy they can be massed. Maybe reduce food cost by 5. If it is still too hard to mass, then reduce it from 65 to 60 Food

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Yeah this what i want to say since also the steppe lance is really weak, with one spearman you can kill one steppe lancer without any upgrades!!! I tested this on scenarion editor and i hit the spearman first although the steppe won but he lost 50 hitpoints!!! He only has 60!!! So losing the steppe lancers to few spearmen is really waste when we compare the costs.

Cumans have that with Steppe Husbandry (and the effect is even better with 50%)

Yeah this why i think the Tatars should have more balance for both steppe lancers cost and 20% faster cav archers training time. When we compare the Tatars as a cav archers civ with other cav archers the others have a good bonuses comparing with the Tatars.

With the thing that of all Cavalry Archer civs, the Tatars can get them fully upgraded faster than any other civs because of Free Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics, and don’t underestimate the extra PA thay they get by Silk Armor (7PA is really strong).

Tatars are actually quite good enough. CA training time is a big problem for every civ (except brits allies), which is illogical for their unit tankiness and cost. Tatar players should make more use of Keshik, which is possibly the most cost-eff unit in the game.
Agree with u, SL 60 food