Small Korean buff

Team bonus: affects Scorpions too

If this also seems underwhelming, it affects all siege units.

Not a huge change, but definitely helpful for BBCs and Trebuchets.

I can agree for BBC but… Trebuchet minimal range? Few situations for that, arent they?

The problem of this teambonus is how would affect khmer or ethiopians scorpions. Or spanish or portuguese BBC…

However, any buff for koreans in land is welcome. This may help them against cavalry, although not in early castle age

The Khmer team bonus is already quite strong at the moment. And the fun part of team games is various Combinations of team bonus which may be strong, like Aztecs (+ Vietnamese) Skirmishers.

As for the details, siege units are castle age units, so this team bonus isn’t getting used in early game like those of Mongols and Chinese.

It wouldn’t make them broken, but it wouldn’t either solve their problems, which is a big weakness against cav civs.

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They have cheaper Spear line, which helps.

One of the biggest hits to Koreans was the changed team bonus which you might know what I am saying if you have played the game long enough.

I know about the old Korean bonus, it was changed because with their UT onagers were able to outrage frank castles, so it was needed.

Saving 5 wood for a unit that you train in really few number (from 1 to 5 top) isn’t enough to keep up with franks eco, to name one.

If this cannot be addressed, then extending the wood discount to siege is a decent substitute, since it would mean that if you survived the feudal pressure, you can at least better pressure the enemy with a forward SW.

Yeah, the Korean team bonus is pretty bad, but it’s not the worst team bonus in the game either. I think that your suggested buff wouldn’t make the civ more viable, Scorpions are a highly situational unit to even make, and just would rarely have any effect as a result. I think the whole civ needs to be reworked from scratch to make it viable, just having a random assortment of bonuses doesn’t work out very well.

The civ was never really strong on Arabia as far as I can remember, but at least the old tower rush identity was a clear game-plan with success potential if executed well. The civ is now just a mess.

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They used to be OP when people realized that faster mining + 30% faster built towers (they used to have this bonus) was complete bonkers (it’s the reason towers cost 50 wood now instead of 25 back then)

Anyway making them a mono-tower civ again isn’t the solution since Incas exist. Nowadays they are an archer/UU civ now, and they can actually function as a naval civ too. I wouldn’t call that a mess.

As of the OP, the suggestion doesn’t make sense because Koreans don’t even have heavy scorpions, that would be so weird to have their TB be much less useful for its own civ.

Also little trick that make such a bonus obsolete: if your scorpion is attacked by a melee unit task it to attack something else and the pass through damage will hurt the enemy unit anyway.

Yep, I remember, it was pretty strong, even though you knew when it was coming. I guess it’s now been a long time, but I don’t remember it being so OP as to needing to be removed altogether from the game.

Aah the good old days of Korean cancer trush

I feel that the trush strategy fits better for the Incas. The bonuses used for trushing in Feudal help with Castle drops in Castle Age. Korean have to go all in with towers and without any good economy bonus (stone bonuses are military for me since they don’t help you with booming). Incas have small factors like houses, llama, the villager bonus and the awesome farm which helps passively with all stategies. So if the Incan trush fails, the Incas have an economy bonus to fall back to.

Wood discount is almost useless. Just reverting to tower +1 range is fine. Give koreans back their identity.

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