Small Request: Move Wheelbarrow to Town Center

It feels very odd to me that the Wheelbarrow technology is housed in the Mill and not the Town Center. The description of a Mill states: “Houses technologies to improve Food gathering”, but Wheelbarrow is so much more than just food alone. It affects EVERYTHING that a Villager does, not just collecting food. Lumber Camps only house technologies that directly and explicitly improve chopping wood, same for Mining camps with mining Gold and Stone. Every other technology at the Mill exclusively affects food gathering.

I think that Wheelbarrow should be moved to the Town Center, right along side Textiles (which also affects everything that a villager does. I get that it was put in the Mill to reduce time that you are not creating Villagers. Textiles is only a 20 second, so it doesn’t affect Villager production all that much, but…hear me out. The research time for both Wheelbarrow and Textiles is only 10 seconds longer than researching both Wheelbarrow and Loom in AoE2 and this set up worked fine there, on top of having to halt Villager production to age up, which we don’t have too do here. It just makes more sense and is a lot more intuitive to me to put both universal Villager upgrades in the Town Center and then have the resource buildings exclusively improve harvesting the resource they are associated with. Wheelbarrow just straight feels out of place in the Mill.

it’s done to allow create vils non stop.
3min research of wheel == 20 vils.


I get that and I mentioned that in my post, but, as I said, that was not a problem in AoE2, because if you timed when you got wheelbarrow (usually around the time that you had 30-40 villagers), then the increase in productivity that you gave to your existing villagers made up for the loss of Villager production time. That and we already don’t have to halt Villager production time to Age up. Also, Wheelbarrow only takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to research, which is only 4.5 Villagers.

Aside from the logic of it applying to more than food, what would the benefit be to put it in the TC?

Keep it in the mill. I don’t understand this suggestion from a gameplay perspective.


it was. and it’s different game. u were foreced to wait, but vikings were OP because early wheel.

anyway, i explained. no one would even consider to move that tech. They fixing relic bug for 2 months.

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Exactly this.

Besides OP has some very weak reasoning for moving it.

Because it follows the same logic and design philosophy of the entire rest of the game. Every upgrade in the Barracks, Archery Range, Stable, Siege Workshop, Dock and Monastery apply exclusively to the units that they produce. In every one of those buildings, you have to make a choice between producing a unit or upgrading the units that you have. If there is any technology that affects more than the scope of the units that a building produces, then its placed in either the Blacksmith or University.

Wheelbarrow is the one, singular outlier. You wouldn’t put Bloomery in the Barracks…so why put Wheelbarrow in the Mill?

But what’s the gameplay benefit? I want to hear a gameplay benefit.