Smart select

Smart select still does nothing.

This is one of the few issues I have never seen even acknowledged.

Is this being tracked as an issue?


What specific issues with this are you seeing?

Smart select does not do anything. Toggling that option does not change selection behavior in any way.

Is it not supposed to allow you to box select a group of military and villagers and select only the military? I believe the only time I ever saw developers mention this feature that is how they said it should work.

What they really should do though is allow you to hold a key and box select to decide whether you select military or villagers. For example in AoE2 you can drag and select only military, or hold alt and drag to select only villagers, or hold shift and drag to select everything.

Currently in AoE4 you can toggle the setting to military or villagers, but then you can’t select the other. So those settings are useless and the “Smart” select option doesn’t do anything.


Ah yes. I checked and this is being tracked as an issue. I’ll re-bring it back up and see if we can get someone to take a look. Thanks @CRothlisberger!