Smurfing and Kick :)

Hi !
I took a 10 minute kick today!
It’s not my first. Each time, it’s because I leave games against teams that have abandoned after 5m of instant play. That I don’t want to give Elo to those idiots who voluntarily lower their ELO to hit weaker ones. I’m kicked for that, ok. But will the reports I made against them be taken? Should I just be the one punished without being the main culprit? How to report them effectively? (I’m not complaining about the kick, even if it’s unfair, it’s still deserved in a way, I just want those who caused my reaction to be punished one day too.)


It is hard to understand what you are talking about.

You got kicked out of a game after min 10 ? disconnected or what ?

Your opponents resigned at min 5 so you quit too. I can understand this.
or you quit first when you saw them again ?

There is no point to quit first , just beat them.
If your opponents quit first, they will lost elo and you will gain elo, You did not give them ELO at all, but I don’t understand who kicked you and how did they do it ?

Your report will be taken by the system. The guy who got reported will get auto banned for a day when he received enough report count. ( Some guys might get banned for a few days for unknown serious reasons which i have never done and heard of )

I think he explained it pretty straightforwardly, he took the 10 minute ban for leaving early because one of the other players left early

May be he left seeing the players cheating other lower elo players at the tenth minute. And for which players reported him and for that report he have got banned instead of cheating players.

I usually play unranked games, and custom games. People usually promote custom games very much these days. After I played 150 games of ranked I seem to have a fair rank nearly ~1000 and I didn’t want to lose it anymore with smurf players so I stopped it. May be I re enter after I develop my skills more.

Easy to say but when the players in front lose voluntarily to lower their ranking: it’s because they just like to hit weak. And beating players with a lot more “true rating” than you is just impossible (and beating people who are going to give up after 5 minutes is even more impossible! :)) Not from game to game. No one wins 400 elo or more in a single game. Why give up before them? pure neb not let them lower their Elo. It’s a pathetic practice of a lousy person. The monitoring of this kind of practice should be much stricter.

I would like that after a crash or an abandonment, it is no longer possible to fall back on the same player for 10 minutes or more.

That at least my elo is not rigged by Smurfs, 3, 4, 5 times in a row as it sometimes happens…