Smurfing issue not addressed?

Am i right with the assumption that the smurfing/elo boosting issue hasn’t even been addressed…not even put in the typical “ongoing investigation”?

If that is true, it’s the biggest slap for the teamgame community imo.

Short summary for people who don’t know what i am talking about:

Some or rather many players(mostly asians unfortunately) boost their teamgame elo with 1 or 2 player(s) of the team making a new account(even pushing them down on purpose most of the time) so they get matched vs lower players. This leads to situations where for example a ~2.8k average team plays vs a ~2.3k average team. All because everyone in the team gets the same amount of points and its therefore an easy way to boost ur elo.


what’s the point of mentioning their nationality (or rather continent)?


It has no real point and i can delete this part, if u feel better then. I just think it’s an interesting fact that it is so popular for the asians to abuse this system while it’s for others not that interesting. Whenever i see asian names in the enemy team i am confident that they are boosting and around 4 out of 5 games my assumption is correct.

But then again, i don’t want this to be the topic of this thread. Doesn’t matter who abuses it. The topic itself matters tho.

Might be wrong, but I’ve heard that stomping noobs is considered fun for the Asian audience on their streaming platforms.

It was a random comment somewhere though, but might be a reason why most of the smurfs tend to be with Asian letters. But yeah, not the topic, and fixing smurfs is better than doing something about the Asian audience - that would be solving a consequence, not the root issue!

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I put this issue under the following text from the patch notes:

But their text about still not having a road map make me wondering if this issue is on the mind of the devs. Based on how they ignore this issue fully (TG ratings are kind of broken since the release of the game and the current calculation even promotes smurfing) i really start to loose all hope for a fix.