Smurfs on 1vs1

Ranking is so rigged these days that I found a smurf doing very aggresive play on 1vs1. Immediately tower harassed on feudal by several towers, attacking my wood supplies and don’t giving me a chance to do nothing. It’s dirty and anti-game. And dishonest. These guys pretend they’re 500-600 elo but they’re obviously 2 if not 3 times higher.

MP Replay v101.102.1156.0 #(66692) @2022.09.26 014710 (1).aoe2record (2.3 MB)

Sad, but TRUE. And if truth, it has to be reported.

If this happened in a 1v1, why did you attach a Single Player replay?


You did well saying that. Yes wrong file, I will fix that in a minute.

Done now.

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Ok, I’m watching your rec, here’s a large list of stuff you could have done better:

  • You start with only building 1 house, which isn’t efficient, and you then need to correct it
  • You use straggler trees at the start, instead of building a lumbercamp on a woodline
  • You went to gold in the Dark age, which is a terrible mistake, you’re forfeiting resources you could otherwise be gathering you need at that point in time
  • Even after building a lumbercamp, you only had 1 villager on it, all your others continued using straggler trees
  • Your boar luring was highly inefficient, coming in way later than it should have, and you sent all your vils out to get it, instead of just 1
  • You didn’t dock on 4 lakes for better Dark age eco, but I guess I can let this slide, your opponent didn’t either for a while, not that they fished
  • You then chased the enemy scout around with several villagers for a while, which was a total waste of time and resources you could be gathering
  • You clicked up to Feudal at about 12 minutes, with 26 villagers. You had almost 3 minutes of idle town center time. Your vil count is also higher than you want if you want to reach Feudal sooner. Ideally you want to be hitting Feudal by 12 mins at the latest, not clicking up to it at 12 mins
  • You then built a barracks and archery range down at the southern pond. This isn’t at all helpful to you, it just means your military will be miles away from literally anywhere you might need it
  • They tower dropped you, and you basically panicked. The best way to play it is not to waste stone like that, just migrate your villagers to a new woodline, and age up to Castle. Then, hit them at home with the base you put round the side, while you boom your eco up at home.
  • They had basically all their villagers on stone, so if you invested in eco, you could literally do knights or rams, and just push them way back
  • You then sent archers into their base, which was a reasonable play, instead of investing in military, or towers though, you needed Castle age earlier
  • Just build houses behind the palisade walls when the enemy starts knocking them down, that will work
  • You basically slaughtered their eco at home, you just need to keep your TC running, especially when you are attacked, that way, they lose vils, and you create them, giving you an eco lead
  • Ok, you never ever ever ring the town bell. Instead, just garrison the villagers that are in danger. The TC can easily kill 2 men at arms, and you don’t need to idle your entire eco
  • You need to get your Blacksmith upgrades, getting fletching would let you outrange some of their towers, which would have helped a lot
  • Basically, you talk a lot about strategy, but you don’t understand how to make actual strategic choices. The best strategic option here would be to advance to Castle age, make knights, and you would basically win, because your opponent wouldn’t know how to handle it
  • If they tower a woodline, stop trying to use it, just migrate to a new woodline

Ok, here’s a summary. They were not a smurf. They were an honest 600 elo player, like you, with a lot of the same flaws in their play. They just picked one civ, and picked a strategy they thought would work with it, and you didn’t pick the right counter strategy. The game wasn’t even over, not by a long shot. You still could have won that. You just needed to place new town centers, rapidly expand your economy, and make knights. They were in Feudal age, with literally no military, they wouldn’t stand a chance against a few knights. Just avoid their TCs, run around and find their villagers, and exploit the minimum range for towers. You also need to get your blacksmith upgrades. Basically, you talk about strategic play, but you didn’t make the right strategic decisions here, and as a result, you resigned way too early, when the game was still very winnable for you. If you wanted to improve, you could, and I could probably help you, but you’d have to actually want to improve, rather than just blaming your losses on smurfs and cheaters, and crying wolf. Does that make sense for you? You also had better APM than they did for most of the game:


I build 1 house too. I don’t want to waste the tiles around TC so I can place 12 farms later that is more efficient in my opinion.

I think 12min is too late. SC rush should be in his base already around the time, or the FC players already clicked castle age. Everybody can get used to these strategies by watching a video and practice for a few hours.

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Bear in mind that A) you don’t place the houses around the TC directly, they go several tiles away, due to how the starting vils spawn, and you need 2 for greater efficiency with the early eco, and B) you can always delete houses if you feel you absolutely need to have a particular farm layout. Only starting with 1 house means that either A) you get housed sooner, or B) you need to retask a vil off sheep to build the house anyway, slowing down your food collection rate.

Sure, 12 mins is late, that’s why I said at the latest. Also, bear in mind that this is 600 elo, 12 mins is a pretty good goal to start with, it’s not like most people will have scouts coming in at before 16 mins at that elo.