So, am I the only one who feels like that it should be possible to join a match after being disconnected

I am from a country where sometimes we have connection issues for a little time but when connection reestablishes it is already too late. Now for 1v1 it makes no sense to wait for a lost connection. BUT in team games sometimes it’s a bummer when one of us has a connection problem for a small time. I think with the developers working on this game, it should be possible for a player to return to a Team Game if one has connection issues and disconnects during match.


This is a good idea and other games have such a feature


I agree that this function should be added in a high level priority


I don’t mind since I’m not playing with friends and will likely not wait for someone to come back since we have no way of communicating.

That said I support the idea for people who play with friends who can let everyone know they will be back soon.

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Considering how unstable the game is, then this absolutely makes sense. People still experiences crashes for no reason. And of course the example you give of temporary dip in internet connection is a valid one also.

Many people suggested it already, but it would be great if the devs focused on such topics instead of endlessly bringing out new civs that nobody asked for. We have enough civs. Additional civs add nothing.