So... any hope for more zoom out, what's the latest?

Could be done with mods when available? Would mods like it be banned from matchmaking?

I really like the game but I can’t take it anymore, it’s GG until this get fixed.

Also, select all mechanics with no customization (disable production key at buildings)… selecting even the dock and ships (incredibly dumb), no direct hotkeys for building types… and group mechanic, that sux and makes worse all previously said.

At last, was expecting new maps, and faster patching… It’s been 3 months…

Anyway, the zoom is the most gamebreaking issue. Someone knows if there is any hope?

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I don’t think anything has been said about the zoom yet but a lot of us have been complaining about it pretty consistently


not just zoom out… but we also need more zoom in and improved texture.


I’m hoping that mod support will allow us to have better camera control - not just the ability to zoom out more, but also to change the angle so it’s not so overhead. Being able to view from further away, but with a longer focal length to reduce the perspective effect, would be awesome.

My expectation, though, is that mods won’t be permitted in multiplayer. If they come up with some way to allow a subset of mods in multiplayer while not opening up any vulnerabilities to cheating, that will be a pleasant surprise.